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SABC1 is a channel defined by authenticity in its content approach, like the youthful South Africa that it serves. It is an inspiration and a guiding light for youthful South Africa, premised on the proposition as ‘Mzansi’s Official Storyteller’.

SABC1 is a full spectrum national television channel providing a programming mix of enlightening, informative, educational and entertaining material. Broadcast languages are predominantly Nguni (Zulu; Xhosa; Swati; Ndebele) and English.


Our target market

The channel target market is predominantly between ages 16-34 with the epicenter of 24. The focus has been to ensure the dominance of the Television market while being complimentarily with our other channels SABC 2 and SABC 3. SABC1’s coverage percentage of the population (penetration) is currently averages 91%

The SABC1 brand is grounded in youthful, contemporary South African culture. The channel’s positioning being that of an insider and participant rather than just an observer. As the youthful consciousness in South Africa evolves, this essence ensures that SABC 1 is of its very fabric.


Our brand positioning

The brand’s differentiator is its ability to reflect, create and tell stories that originate from youthful democratic South Africa. The channel’s rationale for the richness and relevance of this direction is better articulated through its pay-off line… SABC1 is Mzansi  Fo Sho…. which re-enforces SABC1 as being the authority when it comes to staying on the cutting edge of local content and delivering it.



Credit: SABC1 official website 

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