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BHC Sponsor

Thursday, 23 February 2017 07:32 Written by

BHC - Brands Hair Couture


Brands Hair Couture is a reputable salon, supplying exceptional quality hair pieces that give value for your money. The Metro FM slogan "What's next is all that matters", resonates with BHC's passion for constant growth and strife for success.  We are very proud in partnering with Metro FM, for the #MMA16. 

KZN - Provincial Government - Sponsor

Thursday, 16 February 2017 10:54 Written by

Kwazulu-Natal Provincial Government


SA Express - Sponsor

Thursday, 16 February 2017 10:47 Written by

SA Express


SA Express proudly partners with METRO FM for the fourth consecutive year, in brining you South Africa’s biggest award show.

The synergies between the brands are so obvious, that this partnership was not only a natural fit, it was necessary. As a brand firmly grounded in all things South African, SA Express believes in cultivating young talent and contributing positively to the growth and development of South Africans from all walks of life.

As a regional feeder airline, SA Express connects big cities to smaller economic hubs locally around South Africa and regionally in Africa. Like Metro FM, at SA Express we steadfastly believe in being a leader in our industry and continuously breaking new ground.

We are excited to charter all the artists and award attendees in and out of Durban – South Africa’s play ground, for what will be a memorable and exhilarating experience.


We look forward to welcoming you all on board!

Metro FM - Sponsor

Tuesday, 24 January 2017 13:45 Written by

Metro FM


The SABC’s largest commercial radio station; METRO FM has an Award property of the station. The METRO FM Music Awards is an iconic brand that has emerged in the past 14 years; it is now most definitely a force to be reckoned with for the entertainment industry with exceptional growth every year. METRO FM Music Awards affords South African music artists an opportunity to be awarded for their talents and encourages the radio station listeners to actively participate in this process by nominating and voting for their favourite artists.

Caivil - Sponsor

Monday, 16 January 2017 17:42 Written by



Caivil is a premium brand in ethnic hair care category in South Africa and has a wide product portfolio of hair care products to suit all your hair care need

African Bank- Sponsor

Tuesday, 09 February 2016 00:00 Written by

African Bank


African Bank is part of an evolving culture that inspires, uplifts and motivates people to achieve their true potential by our brand promise of humanity through banking. To further entrench our brand promise, African Bank is a proud sponsor of the METRO FM Music Awards 2017 (MMA) - Best African pop album category.

Audi - Sponsor

Friday, 20 November 2015 00:00 Written by



Audi South Africa is proud to be a partner of the Metro FM Music Awards for the second consecutive year in 2017. This collaboration affords Audi the unique opportunity to partner with a dynamic and progressive brand such as Metro FM, who share many of the same brand values. Audi is the official vehicle partner of the awards as well as a sponsor of the ‘Best New Artist’ category. The event will also be used as a platform to showcase the all-new Audi Q2 to guests attending the Metro FM Music Awards. 

SABC1 - Sponsor

Friday, 20 November 2015 00:00 Written by



SABC is a proud partner of The 15th METRO FM Music Awards.


SABC1 is a channel defined by authenticity in its content approach, like the youthful South Africa that it serves. It is an inspiration and a guiding light for youthful South Africa, premised on the proposition as ‘Mzansi’s Official Storyteller’.

SABC1 is a full spectrum national television channel providing a programming mix of enlightening, informative, educational and entertaining material. Broadcast languages are predominantly Nguni (Zulu; Xhosa; Swati; Ndebele) and English.


Our target market

The channel target market is predominantly between ages 16-34 with the epicenter of 24. The focus has been to ensure the dominance of the Television market while being complimentarily with our other channels SABC 2 and SABC 3. SABC1’s coverage percentage of the population (penetration) is currently averages 91%

The SABC1 brand is grounded in youthful, contemporary South African culture. The channel’s positioning being that of an insider and participant rather than just an observer. As the youthful consciousness in South Africa evolves, this essence ensures that SABC 1 is of its very fabric.


Our brand positioning

The brand’s differentiator is its ability to reflect, create and tell stories that originate from youthful democratic South Africa. The channel’s rationale for the richness and relevance of this direction is better articulated through its pay-off line… SABC1 is Mzansi  Fo Sho…. which re-enforces SABC1 as being the authority when it comes to staying on the cutting edge of local content and delivering it.



Credit: SABC1 official website 

KZN Tourism - Sponsor

Friday, 20 November 2015 00:00 Written by



The Province of KwaZulu-Natal, represented by EDTEA, will profile the KwaZulu-Natal Province at large and the City of Durban through SABC 1 shows – LIVE AMP, Selimathunzi and RGB and through social media.

Prominent branding through inclusion of the department’s logo on banners for media launch, nominee’s announcement event, TV advertisement, various activations during the week leading to the awards in Kwazulu-Natal, pre-party and main event will try to show KZN province as a major tourist destination



Durban Tourism

Friday, 20 November 2015 00:00 Written by




The City has worked hard in developing the Durban brand to a strong and powerful brand over the years.  We understand the power behind the collaboration of the Durban brand and another powerful brand like Metro FM towards driving the economic development of the City, through tourism.  Furthermore, research has shown that there are people who visit the City purely for events have a direct impact on the City’s economic development.  We therefore view events as critical in boosting tourist numbers to the City.   

BP - Sponsor

Friday, 20 November 2015 00:00 Written by



BP is excited to be involved in the Metro FM Music Awards 2017 (MMA16). This affiliation proves that we are a fuel brand that’s keyed into and tangibly supports cultural expression through music. Music not only brings communities together, but also inspires our youth to embrace a musical career, making it a potential life-changer for the better. We “get that” and want to be part of that journey with you, our customers.

Because we “get you”, we also know that your vehicle is very important to you. Your car is your independence. It enables you to live your life, enjoy good music while you are driving, and “go your way”. At BP we don’t make cars. We don’t make engines. But we do make the best fuel that has proven benefits, fuel economy and reliability. We keep South Africans moving.

When we invest in young people, we invest in the nation’s future, and in the future of our business.  Music contributes to a thriving national economy and thus we are proud to be involved and partner with the Metro FM Music Awards 2017. 

#MMA16 Sponsors