Ms Pru

Ms Pru - Ameni

In 2015 Miss Pru released her debut single “Welele” soon after finalizing her label contract. “Welele” is a celebration of dance and music. The hit single was play-listed on radio stations across the country. On 27 February 2016, Miss Pru released a surprise Hip-Hop single titled “Ameni”. The hit single features Ambitiouz Entertainment family of artists; Fifi Cooper, Emtee Da Hustler, Benchmarq, A Reece, Sjava and Saudi. Production is complimented by Ambitiouz Entertainments mega producers behind some of the greatest Hip Hop Hits in South Africa; Lunatik (Caracara / Skhanda Love / Puntsununu) , Tweezy (Baddest,/ All eyes on me / Dlala ka yona) , Ruff (Roll up / Pearl Thusi / Washa) , BizBoy (Fire / Heaven) “I’ve always loved hip hop and at a point in my life I was an MC, as times changed I fell in love with vocal house music based on influences from the likes of Vinny da Vinci. While we were on the road doing radio tours with the A team from Ambitiouz Entertainment their passion for Hip hop reignited mine and I remembered how much I love it. When I pitched the idea of doing a hip-hop track, everyone was excited and they pitched in.” explains Miss Pru.

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