Dj Tokzen

Dj Tokzen

‘Dumisani’ Ncuthe aka Tokzen was born. He was bred on the streets of Zone 4 Diepkloof and is the oldest in a family of five. 

Like all other children Lloyd had to acquire knowledge through education, indeed he started his education at the age of 7 years, at Mbihli Lower Primary School, in Macacuma  the village ofSterkspruit in the Eastern Cape, he later progressed to Mlamli Higher Primary School in Senaone, Soweto, to further his studies, after which he graduated to Bhongo Senior Secondary Schoolin Dlamini also in Soweto.where he dropped out  in June the year 1992. 

Lloyd was also very involved on the soccer field – that is where he adopted the title, Tokzen, which in “kasie-terminology” means poison, that’s when at the same time in 1989  he realized that he had an ear, talent and passion for music, for him to realized his childhood dream of collecting music he had to sell peanuts at the soccer fields and later became known for his photographic skills, where he raised enough money to collect his music , his very first collection  was Adeva (Respect) Technotronics (Pump up the jam), Alexandra O’ Neal ( Criticize) , Chaka Can( Eye to Eye) just to mention a few, of which all his collection  he started playingin school trips forhispeers and also back then  during popular holidays, the 10th of October and the 16th of December, he went out with his friends , to the Parks , such as Fun Valley,  Rose Park and Florida Lake  just to mention a few, that’s when he realized that he can pursue a career as a DJ. His first paying gig was in 1992/ October and was the 21st birthday party which he was paid R70.00 for it,his Aiwa hi-fi System could not carry on playing , it only lasted for  2 hours.DJ Tokzen had to face that humiliation and explain that the  sound could not carry on or play further.

Since that day DJ Tokzen never looked back, he inquired more about sound and in 1993 Tokzen Sound Hire was born of which is his brain child. He was then contracted to play for popular stokvels such as, Boys in the hood, Woman of colours, Doffies jam etc. 1994 was the hardest year in DJ Tokzen life as he lost his father, as his father was gunned down during taxi violence. As the eldest son, Tokzen took on the responsibility of managing his late father’s business and being breadwinner of the household.

However, the unabated escalation of Taxi violence during that period forced the Ncuthe family to sell the business out of concern for their siblings’ safety. In 1996 DJ Tokzen started featuring and playing at most of the legendary club venues such as Da Joint, in Yeoville, Morgan’s – Sunninghill, Dreamers- Pretoria,  Insomnia—Rosebank etc. In 1997 DJ Tokzen was in the team that discovered club Motswako, one of the biggest clubs, South Africa has ever had, in those days, where you will find all big names DJ’S playing in one night, which was followed by Y2K the year between 1999 and 2000, also in 1999 October DJ Tokzen was the first DJ to produce local House Compilation, the album was called DJ Tokzen Instrumental Zone. In 2000 Tokzen signed with Sheer house music recording label .He worked with DJ Khabzela in his first album called Menkonko vol 1, also in September the same year Sheer House Vol 1 was compiled and mixed by DJ Tokzen featuring the hits Guitar and Nosferato which were popular tracks on the album.Also got married in the same year. 

The following year March 2001 hechange the brand name from Sheer House to Mmthi’s Essential Selection 1, compiled and mixed by DJ Tokzen and was sponsored , marketed and supported by Radio Metro, the first house  compilation album  to be advertised by on S.A.B.C1. It sold more than 24 thousand copies.

 In 2002 Mmthi’s 2 sold 23 thousand copies, also produced a track with DJ Mbuso called playground and he played in Electric Workshop which was one of the biggest DJ’S events in South Africa, 2003 Mmthi’s 3 sold 20 thousand copies and Tokzen produced a track Gents LEJIVA SO, in 2004 DJ Tokzen produced the track Lunar which was featured in Jozi nights mixed by Mandla from Generations, in September 2005 Mmthi’s 4 was released and it was most DJ Tokzen popular album and sold 40 thousand units. Featuring hits like Something about you , Avalon, Tlisa Nthotsaka featuring Gwaiza from TKZEE Family .Tokzen had popular event which was called Mmthi`s Annual Summer Mix that took place in Protea Park and in Mogale city in 2008.


(DJ Tokzen at his Gold Award Party for Mmthi's Essentials 4)

In 2008 Mmthi’s 5 was released featuring the track Rock Star, produced by DJ Tokzen and sold 12 thousand units. Come 2010 march the best of Mmthi`s was released and November Mmthi’s 6  featuring Bhana Shililo, Hang on in there, In my lifetime  hit the market , 2011 march , 2011 DJ Tokzen joined Soul Candi , the biggest DJ Recording label in the country right now. DJ Tokzen's latest album is called Tokzen Sound Presents Mzansi vs. International Selection 1. The album was released in august 2011. 

Tokzen has played all over the country including our neighbouring countries such as Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique, and Botswana etc,. Currently he plays for Kaizer Chiefs home games and Bafana Bafana.



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